The Link Juicer Review – Not What It Used To Be!

Posted by Dario Montes de Oca on June 5, 2011

This page is an in-depth review of The Link Juicer. This service is nothing what it used to be when it was introduced in mid-2009. It’s been two years running and I’ve made a complete hands-on experiment of how it works.

After reading this review you will know what The Link Juicer is all about and what you can expect from their service. Click below to view:

The Link Juicer Review

The Link Juicer now offers a 30 day free trial and I took them on this offer and made my conclusion on this page.

Several features of the service are shown in this screenshot below:

Link Juicer

During the trial I saw many well-known websites linking directly and indirectly to my main target URLs, including:

  • Delicious
  • Jumptags
  • Diigo
  • Linkagogo
  • MyLinkVault
  • Multiply
  • LiveJournal
  • BuddyMarks

The highest page rank from these sites is a solid 8 from LiveJournal, which gives dofollow backlinks.

The problem and complaints with The Link Juicer when it first began was the vastly low quality of backlinks that websites were getting, as you can see from the list above that problem has been clearly addressed and eliminated. You will also get backlinks from lots of low quality content sites but this actually serves you better by giving you more link diversity which will only raise your rankings on search engines, as I have experienced.

I’ve seen a random and even mixture of bookmarking and article sites giving my site backlinks. The diversity of these websites is what makes it a favorable advantage over many other services I’ve tested.

The Link Juicer Campaigns

When The Link Juicer first began, you had to create your own bookmarking accounts to make this service work. You no longer have to do that. The Link Juicer now gives you complete hands-off freedom that only a handful of other link building services offer. Once a campaign is set up and enabled it will continue to build backlinks to your primary site everyday, without you having to touch it ever again.

Here’s the screenshots of campaign set up:

This is a very basic but extremely powerful set up. The information you put inside the forms above were designed to “spin” new versions of each other to make your content unique as possible to avoid looking like spam and being deleted. One of the downfalls to this service is you do have to write a little, but it’s completely worth it in the long run. Below I’ll show you how to easily create spinnable versions of your content to produce massively unique variations of Titles, Tags, Bookmarks, and Blog Texts.

Currently, the amount of maximum links you can build per day per campaign is 20. It’s entirely up to you how many links you receive to your website each day. It’s recommended you do not exceed 20 to get the best link diversity and velocity, this will have a major effect on your ranking position on the search engines.

Click Here To Begin Your Campaign


Setting Up A Campaign

Setting up a campaign is easy with the Spyntax Generator feature. View screenshot:

The easy to use spyntax generator + thesaurus makes it a breeze to turn one word into well over dozen. As shown in the screen shot below I wrote out the sentence “Place your text here to easily spin new words…” Using the thesaurus I easily spun one word into six:

Link Juicer

You simply have to click on any word on the left of the screen then click “Add>>” to create a newly spinnable word for your sentence. This will give you the highest uniqueness so as to get your backlinks on more and more social and article content sites, thus raising your ranking position on search engines.

Don’t let this confuse you either, once you’re in The Link Juicer’s back-office you can begin experimenting with this part of the program to enable your first campaign. Once your campaigns are enabled you never have to touch them again. That is the beauty and power this service.

The Link Juicer has evolved tremendously in the past two years. It used to be only for people who had several websites to promote who wanted to get those sites ranked, but now the Link Juicer offers a feature to upgrade your accounts. You can now purchase add-on packs to get even more links to any/all of your campaigns, with the highest one being up to 150,000 links per month! This is almost unheard of, but is why I highly recommend and also use The Link Juicer myself.

As you can see, with The Link Juicer you’re in complete control of how many links your webpages receive on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Also, you can enable and disable any and all of your campaigns as you see fit. For example, if one campaign hits the #1 ranking position on Google it can’t go any higher! You can then disable this account and start anew. If your rankings start to slip, you can re-enable that campaign until you’re back on top and then disable it and continue with your other campaigns.

This is my #1 reason The Link Juicer is a great choice for getting backlinks and ranking for my keywords. Not to mention the freedom and hands-off automation this service provides.

The Link Juicer gives a thirty day risk- free trial to use their service. If you don’t like what you see, simply cancel your subscription and keep all your backlinks.


Click Here To Begin Your Link Juicer Trial


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Aug 2, 2011

Thanks for the article. Do I need to provide Link Juicer with MY actual social media accounts in order to join Link Juicer and have it work? Do you have any contact information on the company? I see nothing on their website. If you would be willing to let me ask you a couple of questions, that would be great. Obviously, you have my email now.

Thank you.

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Sep 8, 2011

You don’t need to sign up to ANY social accounts with the new Link Juicer system. In the beginning you had to, but they made it better and easier so you don’t have to now. As far as contact information, I don’t have any of that.

What I would recommend to everyone reading this is to just TRY The Link Juicer out and see if it’s right for you. I’ve been a member for several months now and I can tell you right now, it is definitely worth a lot more than $47/month! The backlinks that were built when I started their free trial several months ago are still there and I get more and more every single day without doing ANY work on my part.

Is The Link Juicer worth it? I would definitely say, YES.
Get started with their 30-day FREE trial here.

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Feb 28, 2012

Do you still recommend Link Juicer?? I’ve been reading a lot of negative reviews lately on forums on how Link Juicer is not the same any more. Really would like to try it but if it’s not as effective don’t really want to waste my money. Would love your input!


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Mar 3, 2012

I’m still using it and getting lots of backlinks every day

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Jun 18, 2012


I just wanted to know whether TLJ is still effective after penguin update?

I have used it before and had got good positive result, I have signed up with them again last month and am testing. But as usual worried and thinking whether it would be effective after penguin?

Can you let me know if you had positive results using TLJ after the penguin era?

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